Birthing · 12 June 2019
We all understand the necessity in preparing the cloths we wish to birth in , pads, wash bag, baby cloths etc. but I have noticed over the past few years mum's don’t talk so much about what they will need to make the birthing environment more theirs. No matter where you birth whether at home or in a clinic or hospital this is in fact important.

lactation · 18 December 2018
Read about what happens in the first month, it is a unique and is a very important period. Going well it sets you up for this breast feeding journey. Get help from people who have a good knowledge of breastfeeding. The earlier you have help when it is hard the quicker the overwhelming situation settles and all your worries are alleviated. We have a hard time in this time of our lives to give ourselves permission to step away from the world and just be. What I see is it can take many months to...

lactation · 13 November 2018
POSITIONNING and ATTACHMENT : there are many positions we can use but learning one or two in the early weeks is less confusing. No matter what position the principles are the same...

lactation · 13 November 2018
BABY CUES : How we interrupt our babies signs is something that comes from just being together. This is also where much conflicting information happens ...

lactation · 13 November 2018
SKIN TO SKIN : Breastfeeding is a journey we take as mothers and having a few tips up ourselves can be helpful to make this journey more smooth.